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Create private spaces to connect your people.

Badger makes it easy for the connectors of the world to bring the right people together at the right time to share knowledge and connections.

Transform your webinars and in-person gatherings into places whereeveryonefeels connected.


The connection spaces you create are time-boxed and asynchronous, respecting your people’s busy lives.

Human centered

Badger provides a safe space for people to share who they really are, not what their LinkedIn profile states.


Get an aggregate view of how your people engaged and feedback on how things went so that you don’t have to chase.

Get beyond the smalltalk

No one likes small talk. Badger helps your people make genuine connections with fun prompts to get beyond their polished public personas.

See what worked.

Get detailed insight into how your audience engaged, who was the most engaged and what the group enjoyed most.

Join epic companies changing the game with Badger.

Get started for free, scale when you need to.

I found connecting on Badger 10x more valuable than just in person networking. I’ve had more useful chats in 3 groups than 2 years of meetups.

— Andrea Carter

Marketing Manager, Pulse


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