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Our mission

Why we made Badger, and how we see it making the world a better place.

Your career should be filled with humans you want to be around.

So why is finding those humans such a struggle?

A long, drawn-out game of chess where your networking and networking skills play a larger role than they should.

At Badger, we believe a new era is upon us.

A new world where needing to “know someone” or serendipitously being in the “right place” at the “right time” becomes irrelevant.

A world where you can say goodbye to awkward small talk at networking events and not have to wrestle with lifeless job processes to hear from the people you want to hear from.

The future of career navigation is human.

Where the only boundary to your network and a career you love is your curiosity.

A place to expand your professional circle, learn from the hard-won experience of others and make better connections when you need them.

Join Badger for a warm introduction to the people you want to connect with.


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About us